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This is the first step in the Melasma Group Coaching Program.

This is a pre-screening form that lets me know if I can help you in successfully clearing your melasma in my 4 month Melasma Group Coaching Program. 


Please answer the following questions to be considered for this program. 

You will receive a welcome email if you’ve been accepted into the group. If not, you'll be emailed to explain why and to offer additional support.

Is your melasma in one or two areas of your face?
Is it on most of the face?
Have you ever been on:
Are you currently on mood support medications or hormones?
Are you currently or in the past used Retin A, retinol acids, hydroquinone or other lighteners?
Have you ever been pregnant?

Thank you for your interest. I will be contacting you shortly to let you know how I can help you best.

Rowena Arnold

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