Hammered hoops with lustrous pearls and silverite moonstone drops . Sometimes I have trouble with certain earrings standing out against my dark hair . Not these babies ✨ 

Hammered Hoops

  • Hi, I am Naomi Stretton, a happily married mom of two awesome young daughters aged nine and 11. I’ve had a passion for jewelrymaking for over 20 years. One of my clients recently described my earring designs as “chandeliers for the ears”. I love that because that’s what I strive for. I like to make pieces that want to stand out and make a lady feel like they’re wearing something special. I source my materials from a variety of places based on quality and what catches my eye. I hope what catches my eyes catch yours as well.

    I get inspiration from nature mostly. Whether it’s the beach, the woods, a peacock or a sunset.... living in Santa Cruz and amongst such beauty inspires me with new ideas constantly so making new designs is my favorite thing to do and I’m always moving on to the next thing . If you see something you love grab it now because I can’t promise it’ll always be available!