Health Benefits

  • Year-round immune support (especially during colder months)
  • Bolsters immunity during times of stress and poor sleep
  • Supports your body’s production of “natural killer cells” that fight harmful organisms
  • Can be taken daily for prevention or in acute doses to minimize the duration of a bug
  • A favorite of customers who are teachers or nurses and work around many different people
  • Safe and gentle for daily use 

ImmuneShroom | Organic Olivia

  • In Eastern Medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. That’s where our superfood mushroom, immune-supporting supplement comes in: so that your body is ready to battle as hard as you are! This formula was designed to help you get sick less and enjoy life more.

    Made with 5 superfood mushrooms, Immune-Shroom contains the deepest-acting compounds that nature has to offer so that your immune system is functioning optimally 365 days a year. This formula was created to be taken daily in order to help prevent sickness, but can also be taken at higher doses when you feel something coming on. 

    This blend is a favorite of many teachers, nurses, and those who work in an office setting where they’re exposed to many different people. It’s also wonderful for those who experience chronic or recurring bugs that they can’t seem to shake.