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With its compact design made to fit in the palm of the hand, MiTAMA Renew + treatments take no more than 20 minutes, hands free, once per week.


The pocket-sized revolutionary device is specifically designed to fulfill any skincare needs, in the comfort of your own home, office, traveling or during a mid-afternoon break. It is a must-have beauty upkeep wherever life takes you.

Repair — Renew — The most advanced design + technology provides two distinct processes to lift, rejuvenate, and rebuild skin and its supporting tissues and muscles. Improvements in firming, lifting, de-puffing, circulation and hydration all can be seen from this therapy.


The skin is empowered to maintain it’s radiant, smooth and youthful appearance between regularly scheduled professional skincare appointments and at home for professional style treatment therapy.


A revolutionary system that mirrors the body’s own natural energy composition in both electrical and magnetic realms. The nano and microcurrent signals communicate through the skin at a cellularlevel to rejuvenate and amplify the healing of the cells by activating their natural repair and refresh functions.


TAMA Technology is demonstrating its capabilities in this unique simple to use device. MiTAMA is the offspring of TAMA BlueOnyx where the proper time of detox, nourish and lift and tone modulated frequencies come together to deliver a state of the art hands free treatment in just 20 minutes. A combination of detoxing and clearing the pathways subsequently replacing it with the magical product immersed in the mask to deliver nourishment to the cells, and supplement what our cells are yearning for to adequately rebuild and rejuvenate the facial muscles and skin.


Simply put: Our body is made out of cells that are only held together via magnetic energy field. The MiTAMA is addressing the needs of our cells by awaking and balancing them so they can do what they need to do. The body already knows and only needs this small amount of energy to regain it’s knowledge. So skin begins to lift and become tighter as excess toxins get dumped.

MiTAMA Home Pro Microcurrent - Facial Therapy Device

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