Health Benefits

  • 6 sprays on the tongue instantly calms nervousness and tension
  • Relaxes both mind and body during times of acute or long-term stress
  • Calms a racing mind when thoughts are looping
  • Grounds you back into your body when feelings of panic or overwhelm arise
  • Can be taken several times throughout the day for consistent relief
  • Fits in your pocket for discreet use in public or social settings

Peace juice | Organic Olivia

  • Anxiety is one of the greatest problems facing our world today, and it’s the most common issue that friends and family come to me for help with.

    As an herbalist, I turn to the plant kingdom when I’m feeling anxiety in my own life. And this year, I wanted to bring the solutions I use for myself and my loved ones to you. Whether you deal with social anxiety when you’re about to meet new people or go to a party, nervousness when riding the train or an airplane, or even general day-to-day tension, I’ve created my dream formula to help you feel calm and centered in your body once again: Peace Juice

    I want you to have something in your pocket or purse that you KNOW you can turn to when tough times come up. I want to give you the security and comfort the plant kingdom has given me. You shouldn’t have to feel alone on top of feeling anxious, which is why I made Peace Juice to be there for you in an instant no matter where you are.

    Peace Juice is designed to provide you with the grounding and relaxation that is lacking in moments of fear, uncertainty and anxiety. It’s a liquid formula for instant relief, but instead of your classic dropper bottle, I made it into a convenient spray so that you can discreetly use it whenever those feelings come up!

    By using 5-10 sprays on the tongue whenever you crave peace and calm, you will quickly find a state of tranquility that relaxes you and helps you regain your balance.

  • The super herbs in our blend include:

    • Kava Root – shown to be highly effective with good tolerability for nervousness, stress, low mood and poor sleep. Kava Root is instantly calming and comforting.
    • Passionflower – one of the few herbs that truly nourishes the adrenals after months (or a lifetime!) of stress and anxiety. Helps shutdown a racing mind and is perfect for those who feel frazzled in a chaotic environment.
    • Motherwort – classified as a nervine herb, Motherwort is often said to have a “calming energy like a big hug from mom.” Helps ground you back into your body and improves mental clarity while helping to release worries that feel “pent up” in the body.
    • Gentian Root – a bitter that helps ground you and bring you “back to Earth,” especially helpful for those who tend to mentally check out when overly stressed.
    • Wood Betony – a restorative tonic that re-establishes the structure and function of the nervous system and GI tract while helping to calm the body and mind.
    • Schisandra Berry – a unique ingredient that is famous for its quality to make you feel happy, relaxed, free, and easygoing.