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Please indicate below how many months you'd like to get set up for. Choose from: 

Trial: 30 days, then maintenance of 1 serving a day. 

I’m ready for change!: 90 day full body shift, then maintenance. 


Set yourself up to transform your skin + body health from the inside out in 30 days + beyond. Look forward to  experiencing more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood. Let's not forget about clearer, tighter skin too!


I have personally chosen this kit to use in my spa and personally + for my family.  The products in this kit will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit,  natural colon cleansing support and immune support.  No synthetics, ALL from food.


This is NOT a diet or restriction program. This simply + coveniently adds high dose chemical free organic nutrition into your body daily, to nourish, repair and dramatically reduce inflammation which is the source of all diseases + skin imbalances. 


MAMA NOTE: Since these products are food, they are a benefit for all, however some should be avoided during breastfeeding. Because of ingredients like senna leaf, wormwood, ginseng and flax seed, these products should be avoided until after breastfeeding is over. In addition, some products may induce a detox-like effect on the mother, which can prove to be harmful during this time. Wait til finished breastfeeding or pregant to add in: SUPER CLEANSR + ALOE DIGEST.


Trust me, its simple and convenient. I've found this saves me so much time and mental energy. It takes away all my mind occupying concerns about eating well or for immunity or health. And has brought me hormone balance, mood/energy  balance, weight balance, sleep balance, reduced inflammation + pain + health in a way I'd never been able to sustain before. Reach out to me personally to discuss with me how it may help you specifically.  CLICK HERE TO CONNECT TO GET MORE INFO


Includes a 30 day supply ( 2 servings a day) of the following superfood products:


Super-Amino 23 (vegan protein) - 150ct

Biome Medic (gut detox + support)

Power Shake Apple Berry (equivelant to 6 salads + complete cellular nutrition+hydration + glow)

Apothe Cherry (antioxidant/skin,  liver + sleep support)

Super CleansR (10 day gentle colon/parasite cleanse)

1 ZinC-ADE (food sourced immune multi with vitamin C, A, D, E + ZINC


You will bring the products into your day, 2 times, while snacking on whole foods and eating minimally processed meals. and watch and feel the inflammation in your body dramatically reduce. That's it! I know you will have questions so please reach out for my help to answer them and get a customized kit for your needs.


Then what? What do you do after the 30 days? You maintain your health with 2 easy options:

1: If you have more health to attain, you can continue on the 2 servings a day.

2: If you are feeling great and happy with where you are, maintain with the smaller kit called the Core 4 + Immune which gives you 30 days of 1 serving daily. 


Includes a step by step instructional guide + complimentary optional suppport group and a complimentary 15 min call with me to personalize your sucess.

30 day Skin + Body Organic Food Kit

$480.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
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