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Rent the Celluma LED

Achieve skin restoration at home. Now you can experience the benefits of our beloved treatment device through our convenient rental service.

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Choose the rental period that works best for you:

Celluma Pro

$175: 3 Days

$275: 7 Days

$450: 30 Days​

Celluma Restore

$175: 3 Days

$275: 7 Days

$450: 30 Days​

Celluma Pod

$50: 3 Days

$100: 1 Week

$150: 2 Weeks

$200: 3 Weeks

How It Works:

  1. Fill out the form.

  2. Pay the $100 deposit to reserve your spot.

  3. Dermabella will contact you to confirm your dates.

  4. Pick up the device and sign the rental agreement.

  5. Start your LED skin restoration protocol at home!

  6. Return the device at the end of your rental.

The $100 deposit is to reserve your rental and will go towards the final cost of your rental. If you need to cancel, call the studio at 831-685-2355 at least 48 hours before your rental date in order to get your deposit back. Deposits will not be returned for cancellations made with less than 48 hours' notice.

Rent Celluma LED

After Registering somone form the spa will contact with you to confirm rental dates.

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