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Professional Skin Coaching at Home 

For those who are ready to take the first step in healing immediate skin concerns

 I am currently accepting a reduced number of virtual skin coaching clients. Please fill out the form & book a call below to verify my current availability and if this is a good fit for you!

Meet Your Skin Coach

Hi, I'm Rowena! I’m a passionate + caring educator and esthetician of 20+ years. I own and operate a beautiful skin spa offering advanced healing facials + advanced holistic wellness products. Currently I am personally offering all the education and spa offerings in a distance SKIN COACHING PROGRAM! I've developed a deep passion for and understanding of the human body + how internal imbalances + external factors show up through the skin. Ohe of the most rewarding ways I’ve found to help others is by being honored to assist with life changing resolutions to decades of skin suffering.  With vast knowledge + personal experience through finding resolution to health struggles of my own as well as working with thousands of facial clients, and decades of working with experts in the skin + health industry I am thrilled to bring solutions to you too. I help my clients resolve their skincare concerns through a holistic approach including educating them on: the most highly effective professional  skin care products, home skin tools and treatments, nutrition, gut/liver imbalances, stress/life management and SO much more. I can't wait to educate and EMPOWER you too. And now I can help you no matter where you live!

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Here's how the 1:1 Skin Consultation Works!

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What Clients Are Saying 

The Virtual Skin Care Coaching Program helps with mental, emotional and physical health which all show on the skin. Rowena is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate, and it shows from the very first consultation. Meeting her was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. No questions have gone unanswered and I have faith in her process and now in myself.


"Thank you Rowena, I’ve learned so much from your expertise. You’ve helped my skin tremendously ❤️"


"I just wanted to say thank you so much! I am so excited to get started. It is so refreshing to find someone that is focused on healing the underlying causes of symptoms rather than a bandaid approach. I feel so grateful to get to work with you 🙏”


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