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Inspire Your Skin to
Restore from Within

At Derma Bella, we believe your body has what it needs in order to be optimally youthful. We use our high tech smart facial treatments, topical and nutritional skincare and 1:1 skin coaching to repair beyond your skin and restore from within.

The best of Santa Cruz anti-aging and acne facials

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We have changed the way we treat skin by empowering its innate ability to heal to create incredible, long- lasting results. Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, we go more than skin deep to target the source.


Derma Bella’s signature process begins by assessing your skin health from within. We look internally into your digestive, hormonal + emotional symptoms to create targeted support. 


Next, we choose individualized topical and internal MD skincare that repairs, rejuvenates and restores health and beauty to the skin... naturally! 


Our approach treats challenging skin conditions by treating the whole self and educating and empowering YOU along the way to restore your skin to its optimum. 


Derma Bella is the premier skin studio for Santa Cruz facials, anti-aging facials and acne facials. But, we also offer virtual skin coaching if you aren’t local.


acne, scarring, melasma, pigmentation or rosacea


wrinkles, sagging, sun damage or prematurely aging skin


injuries, chronic pain, stress and exhaustion

The Virtual Skin Care Coaching Program helps with mental, emotional and physical health which all show on the skin. Rowena is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate, and it shows from the very first consultation. Meeting her was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. No questions have gone unanswered and I have faith in her process and now in myself.


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Restore from within at Santa Cruz's ultimate destination for face and body restoration.


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